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We here at Dovetail Wooden Boxes would like to thank each client who entrusted our services and constantly provided progressive and positive feedback.

We are honoured and grateful to have been given the opportunity to “brag” because of you!

A special thanks to Marcel and Bernadette Brown from SA Jagter/Hunter for acknowledging our services in an absolute concrete article.

We appreciate each client who takes their time to contact us personally and express their gratitude towards our excellent service and excellent quality product.

Thank You!

The wooden ammo boxes made by Rudi and Lizelle Louw of Sasolburg are by now well known to many of our readers. The Louws started making and marketing these boxes about two years ago and since then Dovetail Wooden Boxes have become very popular with many local shooters and hunters. Each box holds 50 cartridges. Up until recently the boxes were available in saligna wood only. These without engraving sell for R470 a box. Engraving adds about R40 per template. Boxes can be personalized – choose whatever you want as a logo, etc. Courier cost is R100.

Those who want something a little more exotic can now order their Dovetail Wooden Boxes in cedar wood. The cedar wood boxes really look classy and the distinctive scent of the wood is very pleasant. At R600 (without engraving) the cedar wood boxes are more expensive but they do look good!

Dovetail Wooden Boxes are well made, protect cartridges efficiently and also keep ammo cooler than those kept in a plastic box. When a proud new owner who bought a Dovetail Wooden Box at this year’s HuntEx was asked why he bought it, he replied: “I love wooden things, plastic is so vulgar.”

These beautiful wooden ammo boxes will last for many, many years. These are quality products and SA JAGTER/HUNTER highly recommend them. * For more information or to order Dovetail Wooden Boxes contact Lizelle on 083-257-4041.
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